I’m getting a 3D printer!


I can’t tell you for how long I wanted to own a 3d printer!  Probably since first time I heard about them 🙂 But they were really expensive and I didn’t really have room for one.

No more excuses!   I started to do a research on what 3d printer to get. I wanted to build one to save as much as possible on cost but also didn’t want to get printer with tiny printing space.  After some research it was a decision between Prusa i3 and Mendel Max 2.0.  Mendel Max seems better, but it didn’t have any easy to find BOMs.  So I decided to get Prusa i3 and started collecting information.  There’s a lot of instructions, BOMs, etc. out there, but to me they all very incomplete. Why couldn’t anyone just create a clear list of all components AND provide all the sources where they got them (like what I did with my DSLR Camera slider)?  At best these lists were 50% complete.

But still they were pretty useless and with some research I was able to find all components and estimate build cost. It seems to go between $500-$650, which was still a tad too much.  And then I stumbled upon replikeo.com site.

I don’t know how they do it, but they actually offer a FULL Prusa i3 Rework edition KIT for just $350!!!  They are based in China so shipping was extra $94 to US. I did some research to see if they are legit, and there are few people who got kits from them recently this year. So I pulled the trigger and ordered one. For total of $444.  Hopefully it will arrive soon (2-3 weeks) and I can start assembly!  Super excited! 🙂

I will keep you updated on when I get it, so keep checking here 🙂


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