There is no plan

There was no plan. There is no plan. There are just some ideas I have…


It all started with me wanted to have a simple .com domain.  Why? I had my reasons. I tried tons of words and combination of words, but almost everything I wanted was already taken 🙁  Except for

You Click and you Glide (i.e. Surf) that’s all it means.  Lame? Maybe, but it’s my domain and I can call it whatever I want 🙂

As I mentioned in the beginning there’s no plan.  I’ll see where I can take it, but I do have some ideas.  I’m going to blog about things I like such as computers, music, photography, etc.  I will post my reviews about various places and things I encounter, be it a car repair shop, a trip to Caribbean or a movie.   So hello world, welcome and enjoy!


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