u2-web.com – hosting to avoid…


I recently went thru changing my webhosting company… twice. Originally I was on Olm.net with whom I stayed for almost 10 years. They were ok value and support wise, but downtime was too frequent for comfort. Additionally when I registred clickglide.com I found out that I can’t add second domain to my account. This was unacceptable so I went looking for a better hosting.  After some reasearch u2-web came up as best rated by user experience.  I looked at their plans and $10 per month hosting option seemed resonable.  I won’t go into too much details.  Setup was easy and tech suppor does answer the phone.  However there’s something strange about them. Maybe it’s their poorly designed website, or ugly control panel…  I don’t know what it was. But what I do know is that they did not provide SSH access!  It was a big minus so after a week or so of being with them I took advantage of their 30-day money back guarantee.  That was 17 days ago and no money has been refunded. I called today and was reassured that they will do it ASAP. I’ll keep you update, but my suggestion is stay clear…  I did switch to 1and1 hosting and even tho they have some anomalities like limitation for number of hosted files or small limit (just 200 Mb) for mySQL DBs, I didn’t have any major issues with them.


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