TiVo Tuning Adapter Coming to Cablevision


This just in from cablerant.com

Cablevision is getting ready to offer the TiVO Tuning Adapter to their customers.  The adapter will allow customers using a cable-card based HD TiVo to view switched digital video.  Cablevision will utilize the Cisco STA-1520 hardware.

The tuning adapters should be made available within the next 2 months.  Details are listed below.

  • The unit will be free of charge, but you must return it if you disconnect Cablevision
  • If you are an existing Cable Card customer you may install the adapter yourself
  • Adapters will be available at Cablevision’s Optimum Store locations
  • New Cable Card customers can have the adapter installed during their technician install of the Cable Card
  • Your TiVO must be running software version 9.4 or higher

My comment?  It’s about time!  More and more Cablevision’s channels are changing to Switched Digital format, and anyone who is using CableCards are not able to recieve those…  The only thing that has me puzzled, why does that box has to be so huge?  Perhaps there’s something I don’t understand, but it shoudn’t be bigger than a matchbox.  Hopefull next model will shrink significantly.


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