Meet the PeaPod

As I was walking from work to catch a train home I noticed something that looked like a golf car. As I moved closer I realized it wasn’t a golf car, but something else. Something familiar.


Then I recognized it. It’s a PeaPod – an electric city vehicle and I have been reading about it on engadget.

PeaPod is all electric vehicle made by Chrysler.  Unlike many other EVs out there it looks like this one is not a prototype, and in fact they promiss to start selling them around October 2009 for around $12,000.

Peapod is a Neighborhood Electric Vehicle, which means it’s limited by law to 25 mph and can’t go on the highways. It can go for about 30 miles on single charge and it takes 6-8 hours to charge this baby on standard 110 Volt outlet.  It takes half that time to charge if you happen to have high voltage 220 V outlet.  I didn’t get a chance to peek inside but guy who was showing it off told me that top comes off and it also has iPod dock and mesh seats.


I actually wouldn’t mind driving one of these if it had a better range. Realistically for communiting on PeaPod you need to live about 10 miles away from work. If my work was this close, I would ride a bike there 🙂 So I’m a little puzzled as to what this car could be used for…


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