iTunes sucks sucks sucks sucks!!!


Did I mention how much I hate Apple’s iTunes?  Imagine if your house had no doors and every time you wanted to get inside you’d have to get a ladder (that keeps falling apart every few weeks) and climb to the roof and then down the chimney.  That’s what it feels like to me when I need to add music/videos to my iTouch because house is the iPod Touch and ladder is the iTunes.   I love my iTouch, it’s the greatest mobile device ever created, but limitations imposed to it by the greedy Apple are absolutely mind numbing.

iTunes is horrible application.  Why? Here are the reasons:

1. It wipes out data on your device without asking.  Last night when I was playing with my awesome Fantom-G6 synth, I heard angry screams from downstairs. It was my wife, she was really pissed and for a good reason. Second time in the row her iPod Touch was wiped clean by the iTunes when she tried to manually sync it in order to upload Nike + data.  It removed all of her songs, playlists and most applications.  And it wasn’t even jailbroken iPod.   This is second time it happened to her btw, and it happened plenty times to me as well.  As I discovered trying to sync iPod to freshly installed iTunes on my laptop it decided to wipe off everything that wasn’t on laptop.  Apple who gave you right to do this?  Why can’t I specify which device takes precedence when syncing? Every other software out there allows to do just that and usually mobile device takes precedence.  Why doesn’t iTunes prompts me when it’s about to delete something?   Why does Apple just assumes things?

2. iTunes resets iPod’s clock to a random hour.  Kept happening to my iPod until I set it to Sync Manually. I searched problem online and guess what? It has been happening since 2005! Yes it’s been 3 years, Apple knows about and they didn’t do a thing to fix it!

3. iTunes runs extremely slow on Windows based computer,  it slows it to a crawl.  I honestly never seen an application that performs so crappy.  It runs very slow on Quad Core PC, and it’s virtually unusable on Dual CPU P4 3.6 Ghz.  I have it running on 3 different computers, one with Vista, one with Windows 2003 and one with Windows 2008.  Everywhere it takes a long time to start, and slows down exponentially when you use it. Whole system lags like crazy when iTunes is running, you have to wait minutes sometimes between clicks.  Cover flow mode is a total killer. I don’t know if it’s uses any kind of 3D acceleration, but my PC can run Crysis at 50FPS on 1920×1080. Yet it’s not good enough to ran crappy iTunes.

4. Backup.  What backup? Exactly! I was totally shocked to discover that backup options basically only saves firmware/os image. Music, Apps, Movies, Notes, App data, Calendar, Contacts, Photos none of these are really saved. Yes I’ve heard that you can save contacts and calendar with Outlook sync, but what if I don’t use Outlook…  Fine, music/movies/apps are DRM protected, but what about rest? Is it too hard to save my notes for example?

So why Apple forces us to use this crappy software?  Obviously it’s a greed.  They want you buy your music and videos from iTunes store.

iTunes should be OPTIONAL not MANDATORY.  Let people who are computer illeterate use it, but let the rest of us use our own means (like dragging and dropping to a drive letter).


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