“Crank 2” Blu-Ray troubles


If you are unable to play Blu-ray version of Crank 2: High Voltage you are not alone.  It certainly happened to my Netflix rental.  After waiting 2-3 minutes at the loading screen movie starts playing … in the postage size little tiny area on the screen, completely unwatchable.  Since I had a very generic Sony Blu-Ray player I thought to myself  “what the f…” and tried playing with various menu settings, rebooting player and even trying to clean up the disc. No matter what I did movie would not play.  I hit the net and finally found an answer and a solution.  Solution is simple enough if you have a player that supports external flash memory,  have a usb flash drive, and can connect your player to the internet.  Insert flash drive, connect network cable and movie will load update and some kind of software so you’ll be able to finally watch it.

Apparently (in all their wisdom) Lion’s Gate decided to enhance the movie (to the point that it’s unplayable on a good amount of blue-ray players). My theory it’s the stupid weather and clock gadgets which gets loaded on top of the movie menu. Blue-Ray players that don’t have enough internal memory require external to load all this crapware. Folks with PS3 should be fine since they usually have plenty of storage on their hard drives.

Fortunately something good came out of it. Netflix sent me a letter:

Due to a technical problem with the Blu-ray version of Crank 2: High Voltage, some Blu-ray players have not been able to play this title.

“We are working with our distributor to get replacement discs as quickly as possible and expect to receive them within a couple of weeks. If this title does not work in your Blu-ray player, you will need to add Crank 2: High Voltage back to your Queue if you would like to rent this title again.
Due to this problem, we are giving you a bonus rental to use at your convenience. The bonus rental will automatically be applied to your account. To redeem, log into your account and access your Queue. Then click the “Use the Bonus Rental” button located at the top of Your Queue.”

So I got a free extra rental out of the deal 🙂


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