Waiting for 4.2.1 Jailbreak for iPad

As you already know Apple finally released first 4.x iOS for iPad, specifically 4.2.1

But if you want to keep your iPad jailbroken, I suggest you wait a little longer. While there are jailbreaks that should work for this version of iOS none of them are untethered, meaning if you reboot your device you have to connect it to the computer to boot up.

Jailbreak is a must have for me simply because of single App I bought on Cydia –  “iBluever”.  This apps allows me to tether iPad to my Blackberry phone via bluetooth to get 3G internet connection.  And since my work pays for my Verizon Blackberry service, you can imagine that I have no reason to use built in 3G radio and pay for AT&T plan 🙂  If only Apple wasn’t so boneheaded and allowed iBluever app in their store…


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