Tip: Shipping from PayPal with UPS issue fix

If you previously had a UPS account on PayPal, and all of the sudden getting error message “paypal contact information you submitted does not match the information on file for your UPS account” there’s an easy fix for this. Apparently your UPS account “expires” on PayPal and all you have to do is Remove/Add it. Make sure you write down your UPS account number before deleting!  Detailed instruction after the break

  1. Login to Paypal
  2. Under My Account tab, click on Profile
  3. Click “My Selling Tools”
  4. Click “Update” under “Shipping Preferences”
  5. Look at UPS Account Number and SAVE IT somewhere!!!
  6. Click “Remove UPS Information” and confirm on next page
  7. Now click Add UPS account, and type/paste number you saved in step #5

You should be all set! And immediately can start creating shipping labels.

Please note that above information might not be accurate in the future as PayPal might change layout of their site, etc. so if you are unsure give PayPal customer support a call.


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