iPad 2 Sold out Everywhere, $1200+ on eBay

I really wanted to upgrade my iPad to next one, but wasn’t 100% sure about it.  One thing I didn’t want  to do is stand in the long line. So it’s been 2 days since iPad 2 was released to the stores, and looks like it’s sold out pretty much everywhere. I checked local Best Buy, Apple Stores, Walmart, nobody has it. I’m not too upset about it, but already listed my 1st generation iPad on eBay so I might be without tablet for some time. I checked eBay just for the heck of it, and it looks like iPad  2 is easily being sold for over $1200. Wow. makes me wish I stood on those lines and got me 2 so I can sell it, make some extra cash and basically get free iPad 2 for myself. Oh well, too late now 🙂


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