Geohot accepts challange to jailbreak iPad 2

George Hotz (more known as “geohot”) is hero to many as the first man to jailbreak iPhone seems to go back to his roots and has accepted a challenge to jailbreak iPad 2.  Challenge was made by a Chronic Dev Team member Joshua Hill (P0sixninja)

It is yet unknown if or when jailbreak will occur, as Geohot is yet to get his hands on actual iPad 2.

Exploit supposed to be a “BootROM” type, which is harder to find than a “userland” jailbreak. Difference between the two is that “bootroom” leverages a hardware exploit which in theory cannot be patch by Apple, when a “userland” exploit is firmware based, and usually is patched in the next iOS release.

I’m little puzzled by this, as it makes things so much harder to do, I’d be happy with just a “userland” jailbreak, comparing to none at all…


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