My first table saw!

For all the projects I’ve been working on lately, I’ve been missing on a way to make precise cuts.  Circular hand saw just doesn’t cut it anymore (no pun intended), especially when it comes to plastics (polycarbonate, plexiglass, etc.). So I went ahead and bought a table saw. Found really good deal at Sears on Cybermonday sale for $100. Crafstsman 10 in., Model No: 315.284610. It’s a crappy one, but as my first saw it will do 🙂  And speaking of Sears, their pickup procedure is horrible, later on that..

Table saw was packed in average size box, very heavy but lift-able by single person.  I had doubts if it actually has legs inside due to box size.  But everything was in there, tons of strange (to me) accessories, nuts bolts and so on. After all the reviews I was expecting something crappy and shaky, but it seems very solid and doesn’t look cheap!  Assembly wasn’t difficult, I spent about 30 minutes getting legs assembled. Once you have your frame, saw is put on top and secured with 4 carriage bolts. So it’s not too difficult to remove, and can be used without legs if you have workbench.  Manual assumes you are familiar with all table saw parts, so for me it was confusing in places. What the heck is spreader/riving knife?  Manual did poor job explaining which position it needs to be in, but eventually I figured it out. To me it seems that it’s main purpose is to hold blade guard and kickback pawls (scary looking toothed things). Yes I never used table saw before in my life so I have no idea what “rip fence” is for, and manual didn’t really care to explain.

Finally after everything was assembled to my embarrassment I couldn’t turn it on.  So after flipping thru manual I found in the very beginning that you have insert plastic “key” in order to turn it on. Whole switch seems extremely flimsy and if you loose the key you are screwed. Turned it on, wow it’s so freaking loud!  My curious cat almost hit ceiling when she jumped. Now I can’t wait to start using it to cut some Lexan pieces, but first I better read thru the manual. It seems using this saw is not as straight forward as I imagined.

Oh yeah, almost forgot. Sears experience.
<begin rant> It sux. I ordered online with Store Pickup option. Stopped by after work with printed e-mail. Process seems elegant. You come in, scan bar-code from your receipt and your name appears on large monitor near ceiling.  There are notices everywhere, that wait is always under 5 minutes and if you wait longer you get $5 coupon.  Sounds good right?  Now let me tell you how it works in reality. Your name never stays on the monitor in “waiting” section for longer than 3-4 minutes, because some smart ass jimmy (that was actual name that appeared on the screen) moves you into “processed” section.  3 minutes and you are all set, except you didn’t get anything.  Fine, me and some people waiting laughed about it. 15 minutes later it was no longer funny, as more and more people showed up, names got removed from screen and nobody got anything. Eventually they started wheeling out merchandize. People in front of me got it and people behind me got it. 25 minutes and still nothing, so I started to complain. Guy comes out and scans my paper at the terminal and tells me that’s what I had to do… Well I did it already 25 minutes ago and nothing happened.   Complaining helped, but I was pissed because no indication that system ignored you and that 5 minute promise shouldn’t be there if they can’t handle it. </end of rant>


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