Cat cries tears

Recently I went on a week long vacation. My two cats were left alone with plenty of food and water, and I also was watching over them via security cameras.  This was probably the longest time they didn’t see a human being, so upon returning my cats were extremely happy. Those who say cats don’t have emotions, probably never had cats.  They can be sad and happy, angry and annoyed just like us.

However I never had any idea that cats can also cry. My oldest one (Alisa) sat near me and this is when I noticed here eyes were full of tears.  At first I thought there must be some eye irritation that’s causing this, but I couldn’t find any. She never cried before or after that time I came back home.

I looked up online and there were more reports of cats crying after being left alone for a long time.  I can’t say for sure what was the cause of Alisa crying, but I believe those were tears of tremendous joy and relive.


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