Stock Photo: No Castle for you!

Microstock sites are making it harder and harder for photographer to submit images.  Many types of images are not allowed to be uploaded, including cars (not even drawings). Last night I got a letter from Istockphoto, notifying me that my image of Rakvere Stone-castle has been deactivated for legal reasons.

“Imagery of castles in Europe that are identifiable require a property release in order to be sold under our RF license. This includes imagery taken from within the property, castles that are the main focus, gardens and other identifiable parts.
We are sorry, we can no longer offer this file for royalty-free commercial use and have therefore deactivated it from the collection.”

Not even editorial images allowed.  However for non-european castles you can still submit images under editorial licensing.  Kind of sad to see how our civilization is loosing it’s freedom one lawyer at a time…


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