Site-wide issues after database migration

I’d like to issue an apology for the site readers. About 2 weeks ago I migrated all data to a new MySQL database, and while everything appears to be working normally some characters like apostrophes, quotes and other got screwed up. Haven’t noticed it until today, so I’ll try to fix it ASAP.

Update: Fixed (more or less). Thanks to this post. Solution was to comment these two lines out in wp-config.php

Update: Found a better solution. Pretty obvious, just run a query to replace weird Unicode characters with normal ones. This article has a guide on what to do, it worked better than the option that modifies wp_config.php file.
With one exception.  ‘Â’ character remains at the end of the line. I wasn’t able to find exactly what it is, it’s either EOL or New Paragraph, but this query will take care of it:

UPDATE wp_posts SET post_content = REPLACE(post_content, 'Â', '');

Make sure you run it after you replaced all other characters like: “