Tivo Premiere HDD upgrade completed

As I mentioned in the last post I attempted to upgrade HDD on my Tivo Premier.

Steps I took were:

  1. Burn Linux MFSLive Boot CD from ISO
  2. Open Tivo and remove HDD.
    Was very easy, just 4 torx screws on the back, and 6 more inside to remove SATA HDD. I didn’t find any seals that would break if you open the case, so it probably doesn’t void warranty.
  3. Take both new and old hdd and connect them to a computer
  4. Boot from Linux CD
  5. Follow prompts to Copy and expand drive. This process took forever (4-5 hours) and it doesn’t look like speed of the computer or SATA inteface makes any difference. I bet it would take same exact time over USB2.
  6. Install new HDD, close case

Detailed info here: http://www.rosswalker.co.uk/tivo_upgrade/

After everything was done, I booted up Tivo. At first it seems a little more sluggish then usual. I watched recorded episode of Simposns, then whent to watch live TV and almost immediately Tivo Rebooted. Uh oh!

I searched online and saw some posts from other people who had issue with Seagate drives. Some say it’s due to “Advanced Formatting” (4K cluster) on these drives.

But after that first reboot, Tivo has been working fine for 2 days (at least I didn’t see it rebooting) so I’m hoping it will be ok. If not I’ll post an update.


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