Bytesize Updates: Laser cutting DollyShield enclosure

It’s been almost a year since I put together my DSLR Slider with MX2 (DollyShield) controller. I never did manage to create enclosure for the controller, but couple of days ago I’ve decided to try re-designing it and ordering it lasercut.

It took me 2 days to design new enclosure in SketchUp with help of EagleUp plugin (which can export design from CADSoft’s Eagle).  I’ve used interlocking slotted design, and plan to hold it all together with T-Slot jointed screws.  This article was extremely useful:

From that article I actually discovered Ponoko, a site that offers laser cutting and CNC services.  Previously I’ve used Pololu’s services once, and was happy with it, their turnaround time was great and price not too steep. This time however I’m giving Ponoko a try, they seem to offer cheaper per minute rates, and also tons of instructions on their nicely designed site.  Instant price quote I got was great for the enclosure: $26.36 ($18.20 making, $8.16 in material), however shipping charge I wasn’t too happy about ($11 UPS). I wish they offered USPS, it would probably cost $5 🙁

Well design was sent yesterday, and I’m waiting for it to be made. I’ll let you know how it went.


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