Bytesize update: Audio amp for Xronos Clock

I have a good and a bad news.

Good news, I built my first audio Amp using TDA2822 IC chip (no breadboard so far). It works great when connected to Mp3 player.

It’s too loud for my .5 Watt 8 Ohm speaker in bridged mode (as in the pic above), but even stero mode it’s still too much. I probably will need 1Watt speaker. Adding POT to the input helps too 🙂

Bad news is I’m getting lots of noise when connecting it to my Xronos Clock. It’s pretty bad during text scrolling, and you can actually hear clock “ticking” when dots are blinking.  I didn’t expect this, now I need to figure out if it’s possible to filter it out by some kind of simple circuit, if not I might have to redesign PCB 🙁


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