Xronos Clock update: new enclosure, functionality

Update is about a week overdue.

I got new laser cut enclosure and already assembled it into working clock.  This was an attempt to use white acrylic for the body and dark grey for the front/back. Dark Grey looks amazing (as you can see in pictures) but I’m not so sure about white plastic. Biggest issue is that this acrylic is noticeably thinner than transparent one and it’s a big problem because it’s a very loose fit 🙁

Also as you can see white plastic is very visible on almost black face piece (I actually painted it with black marker 🙂  .  But I think I have a solution. I’m going to make another piece that will cover those slots.

Numerous new features were added in software. Now there’s a selection of custom Alarm tones, that can be chosen by the user. All voice bits were changed too.  And biggest change that I’m working on now is dual alarm with selectable Daily/Weekday choice!

One last thing I wanted to mention. I previously wrote about bad DC plug. Well as I built these clock, I discovered that those Chinese (tayadaelectronics) plugs are indeed horrible (second one broke after few uses). I ordered really good quality DC panel mounted jacks from DigiKey and they are fantastic. Silver plated, and you can see and feel difference. Of course they are $2-3 per piece which does add to the price of the final build.


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