DIY motorized camera slider update

Assembled drive mechanism

Assembled drive mechanism

I have some sad news. Recently I revisited my instructions on how to build camera slider, and found out that my supplier for HTC belt and pulley went out of business.  HTC parts were essential to the build and so far I was not able to find another supplier that right combination of belt and pulley that has shaft to match motor I’m using.  If you do figure it out, drop me a note!

Update (8/18/2014): I think I found another source for the pulley. It’s part number A 6A25-036NF0910 at SDP/SI store. At least it matches most of the specs: 

  • Pitch: 5mm  (HTD)
  • Belt width: 9mm
  • Bore size (Most important one): 0.3125″ (which is 5/16″)

It has different number of teeth (36 vs. 24) but I don’t think it matters. Unfortunately it’s double the price of econobelt’s model ($9 vs $19)

But there’s an alternative plastic version, which is just $9.

They also carry correct timing belt which again is double the price 🙁



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