DIY: $1 hands-free baseball cap camera mount

Sometimes there’s a need to record a video hands-free.  For example you want to document a car repair or want to create a lesson for playing piano.  One can either use a tripod, or just be a tripod!  It also gives you a great opportunity to record events almost like seen thru your own eyes, a so called first person view (which should be familiar to all FPS gamers out there 🙂

So when I decided to build such a camera mount for my new Samsung SL720 camera I couldn’t really find any simple and useful plans for building such a device. I tried attaching camera to the side of my head with some stretch bands, but it didn’t work. And then I realized that I can just attach it to the visor of an old baseball cap.  Whole build literally takes 5 minutes and will cost you around $1 (not including cost of the hat and camera).

This is what it will look like assembled:


And here’s a sample video I took with it:

Instructions (click read more):

First of all you will need following items:


–  A baseball cap you no longer need. Make sure it has firm visor.
– One 1/4 inch 20 thread bolt (short one)
– Same thread size wing nut
– Large washer with 1/4″ opening
– A light camera that can record video and has standard 1/4″ thread mount for tripod (most do). Cameras with wide angle lenses are preferred.

Now you can start making your mount.

Step 1:

Drill or otherwise punch a hole approx 1/4″ in the visor of your baseball cap (somewhere in the middle)

Step 2:

Assemble bolt like show in this picture:

Step 3:

Insert it (from the underside) into the hole you made

Step 4:

Attach camera from the top. Screw it in, and they tighten wing nut from the bottom until it’s firmly attached and not swinging.

You are done, put your hat on make sure it holds firmly on your head and doesn’t fall off easy and go on recording your daily projects.

WARNING: It’s possible to drop and break you camera if you make sudden movement or if your cap doesn’t stay on your head and easily falls of (especially if camera is heavy).  Please exercise caution as I will not be held responsible for any damage or injury!  Do not use while riding bicycle, skateboard, etc.


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