LED Clock Update: Got Wave Shield working with ATMega644P!

Continuing form yesterday’s post about getting ATMega644P working on breadboard.  Today I was able to get Adafruit’s Wave Shield working with my bare breadboard setup!

Thanks to Baptiste Beninca (a.k.a.) Anxion who ported part of WaveHC library to work on 644p/Sanguino!
You can find original instructions in this  Adafruit forum post or just continue reading, I will provide them here as well for your convenience (as well as demo video).

  1. If you didn’t already, download official WaveHC library in install to your Arduino project folder, inside libraries/WaveHC
  2. Backup your WavePinDefs.h and ArduinoPins.h inside wave library (i.e. rename them to *.bak)
  3. Download modified versions here, and unzip them to your WaveHC library.  This will replace existing WavePinDefs.h and ArduinoPins.h files.
  4. Now connect your Wave Shield to breadboard.
    Here’s chart of connections, including Arduino Mega for reference

    WaveShield  (PIN) Arduino Mega2560 Pin ATMega644P [IC Pin]
    +5V +5V +5V
    LCS 2 0 [1]
    CLK 3 1 [2]
    DI 4 2 [3]
    LAT 5 3 [4]
    SS (CCS) 53 4 [5]
    MOSI(11) 51 5 [6]
    MISO(12) 50 6 [7]
    SCK(13) 52 7 [8]

(Hope it makes sense, for 644P I first mentioned “virtual” port number, and then physical IC PIN. Basically it’s just pins 1-8, very easy to connect).

Wave Shield working with ATmega644P from Bratan on Vimeo.

That’s it! Load Example sketch (i.e. daphc) and hopefully you will hear wav files that you have on your SD card.



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